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Laser hair removal

SHR laser hair removal is based on using a device, to remove the unwanted hair, which emits impulses with a wavelength of 640nm – that is, it combines the light of conventional lasers available on the market with pulsating light. The SHR laser ensures permanent removal of unwanted hair in people with all kinds of skin (also in tanned people, with dark skin colour and in people with light or ginger hair). The only kind of hair that the SHR laser or any other laser cannot remove is grey hair, which is completely void of dye and the so called follicle, i.e. strands of hair which in their physiological structure don’t have a core and thus cannot be permanently removed using laser.

           When using the SHR laser to remove hair, in contrast to older technologies like IPL, the skin of the person undergoing treatment doesn’t get overheated. In the case of IPL the head of the device generates temperature that reaches up to 70. degrees, and the head of the SHR laser generates temperature of around 45. degrees, which is additionally neutralized by the used “In Motion” technology. Because of that treatments using the SHR laser are safe and there’s no risk of getting burnt.

          Another advantage of the “In Motion” technology (used in the SHR laser) is a relatively short time needed to carry out the treatment and the effectiveness with which the unnecessary hair is removed, i.e. in the case of SHR technology unwanted hair is removed permanently, in contrast to e.g. the IPL technology, in which it is necessary, from time to time, to carry out subsequent treatments that sustain the effect.

          Clients often wonder whether treatment that doesn’t hurt and is carried out in such a short time can be effective? The effectiveness of the treatment isn’t increased by suffering that goes along with it or by length of the treatment – the effectiveness depends on technology and parameters of the device. It is commonly accepted that in the SHR technology the unwanted hair is removed completely after 6-14 treatments, depending on individual intensity of hairiness around a given body section.